ULTIMA 809 MVPA fitness system G Sensor Advance Downloadable Professional Pedometer

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    Key Features

    MVPA fitness system G Sensor Advance Downloadable Professional Pedometer

    This downloadable series features a two-row display, three function keys, G-sensor, customizable MVPA fitness system and a USB port for uploading data to software.
    Includes 9 functions of a 12/24-hour clock, steps, distance, calorie, speed(both steps/ minute and km/h) and activity time trackers, 7-day memory, USB feature and customizable MVPA threshold / timer.

    Multi Functions
    ※ Customizable MVPA fitness system
    ※ G Sensor Advance Downloadable Pedometer & USB.
    ※ High tech sensing system with no direction angle limitation Accuracy counting.
    ※ Downloadable pedometer with 63 day storage memory.

    ▓ SIZE : (L)78*(W)33*(T)13 mm

    ▓ Features :

    * customizable MVPA threshold / timer.
    * G Sensor technology : With this hi-tech sensing system, no any direction and angle limited, you can carry the device wherever you want and enjoying the accurate counting.
    *. The device has a "damper" which will filter out inefficient movement
    *. USB : for uploading the stored data to computer (for Microsoft system)
    *. Clock : 12/24-hour format
    *. Step Counter : counts step taken up to 999999.
    *. Distance Counter : counts distance covered up to 9999.99 KM/MILE.
    *. Calorie Counter : counts calorie burned up to 99999.9 KCAL
    *. Average Speed : calculating the walk speed from 0.00~999 KM/h or M/h
    *. activity time trackers
    *. 7-days memo : Automatically store your walking/jogging steps. At 12 midnighe & keep the last 7 day's records + a 7days' total in device
    *. LCD automatically powers-off when no input is sensed within one minute to save battery life
    *. Battery low indicator
    * Power Source: 1pc CR-2032 Lithium Battery (included)


    Small Order Recommendation

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    USD 998.00-1,450.00
    UT-104 MVPA G Sensor Pedometer
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    Ultima 809 MVPA G-Sensor Pedometer
    USD 1,420.00-1,600.00
    JW-012CT   	FOUR FUNCTION (step, distance, calorie, clock)
    USD 800.00-800.00